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30. June 2022

How to control your marketing strategy when there are unrest in the market

Post-corona. Mid-inflation. Pre-black friday. Headwind on Facebook and Google Ads. Does that sound familiar? These are challenges for many at the moment. Read here where we try to help you through.

20. May 2022

New price marketing rules

EU has made new marketing rules, which will enter into force on 28 may 2022. These deal with a change in how you may use price marketing in the future and what prices you are allowed to compare with in the future.

19. April 2022

How to set up google Analytics 4

On July 1, 2023, Google Analytics, as we know it, will close. Instead, it will be replaced by the new Google Analytics 4. Below we will tell you more about the new GA4 and give you a unique guide to set it up.

15. April 2021

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

About 63% of companies lack a structured approach to conversion rate optimization (CRO). Meanwhile, 40% of marketers have a conversion rate of less than 0.5%.