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Why you should be on Pinterest

Pinterest is a growing social media. The platform's unique strength is that images are a huge source of inspiration in almost all areas. And therefore also an obvious marketing channel.




What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media that is gaining more and more popularity and is a good mix of a virtual board and virtual search engine. Here you can look for inspiration for everything from housing, clothing, and travel to recipes and DIY guides galore.

A post on Pinterest is called a 'Pin' and so it is only the imagination that sets limits on how such a Pin is designed and looks. After this the users on Pinterest who go by the name 'Pinners' can search for inspiration and save the many Pins on their own profile and boards. This is precisely why a post on Pinterest also has a relatively long lifespan because it can be saved again and again.




Pinterest as a Search Engine

Although Pinterest actually goes under the radar as a social network and media it must also be considered to a large extent as a search engine. Many pinners start their search for inspiration here, and Pinterest's goal is to help users discover and be inspired by something new.

In fact, Pinterest often comes before Google search, and is used to seek broad inspiration within a given area. But often this search is not very specific, and mostly takes place without a brand. Fully 97 % of the most popular searchers are without a brand. The many pinners are therefore simply looking for inspiration, and are ready to have a new need or discover new brands and products. When the need has arisen they search further on Google where the search often becomes more specific.

And that is exactly why you should be on Pinterest!

You have to help inspire the many pinners who find themselves on the medium every day and feel ready to be inspired with something new. You must therefore ensure that you create the need for your brand or your product.

If they are looking for inspiration for travel, you as travel agency must be present. If they are looking for inspiration for their home, you must be present as a home and interior shop. And if they are looking for inspiration for outfits and clothing then you as a clothing brand or clothing shop also must be present.

Written in a few words: You simply just have to be present on Pinterest.

Søg på Pinterest (Søgemaskine)



Pinterest vs Facebook & Instagram

Despite the fact that Pinterest is in the same category as Facebook and Instagram as social medias the platform cannot be compared one to one.

The users on Facebook and Instagram share their private lives to a great extend and follow their social networks while they are randomly affected by news and marketing. On Pinterest in contrast users must actively search for a specific topic in order to find inspiration and new ideas. On Pinterest the goal is not to share private life but rather to inspire and be inspired by home, DIY, travel, recipes, clothes, etc.

You can therefore say that on Pinterest you have the opportunity to hit your target group with content that they by themselves have searched and asked for, whereas on Facebook and Instagram you risk drowning in the amount of campaigns that the user has not requested.

Pinterest also differs from Facebook and Instagram by making it possible to target your ads to specific keywords. Therefore you can say that Pinterest is a good mix between Facebook/Instagram and Google advertising.



“My Target Audience is Not on Pinterest”

Yes it is. Your target group is also looking for inspiration, needs, and new needs. At the moment women make up to 60 % of users while the male share increases by 40 % every year.

Worldwide there are over 400 million active users on Pinterest, and in Denmark there are over 1 million pinners. The majority of all pinners are still women but the number of male followers is steadily increasing year by year.

The target group spans all age groups, and especially the 25-34-year-olds are strongly represented on the platform. But in general it is 25-55+ years which makes up about 75 % of all pinners. 

So it is a really strong buying audience that you are facing when you run ads on Pinterest.

The majority of the target group accesses Pinterest from mobile. This is important to keep in mind when creating content for your Pins and ads.



Get Started with Pinterest Advertising


Pinterest advertising has really made its way into Denmark and it is only becoming more and more widespread. But because the medium is still a less used advertising platform compared to the big players on the market such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn you will experience significantly cheaper click rates.

Therefore even with a relatively low budget you can quickly get started with your ads. So now is the time to take the chance and start advertising on Pinterest while the click rates are still low and the competition is low.

At the same tim the many pinners are also likely to click on your campaign compared to other social platforms, and often an order generated by Pinterest advertising also has a significantly higher order value.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started with Pinterest advertising before your competitor and test the platform on your target audience.



Let MCB Help you with your Pinterest Advertising

At MCB you will find Paid Social specialists who are ready yo help so you can take Pinterest by storm and reap the many benefits.

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Why you should be on Pinterest

Pinterest is a growing social media. The platform's unique strength is that images are a huge source of inspiration in almost all areas. And therefore also an obvious marketing channel.

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