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18. January 2023

How to integrate Umbraco CMS and forms with activecampaign

Umbraco has for a long time been in the process of expanding and improving the platform with an increased focus on integrated solutions - also referred to as DCP (Digital Experience Platform). Recently, there have been integrations for HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics 365. And now there has also been an integration for ActiveCampaign.

15. December 2022

Umbraco 11 is now released

Finally it's here - Umbraco 11.

Umbraco now runs on .NET 7 with all the features and improvements that the new framework brings. And that means more benefits for running your online business.

29. July 2022

MCB's participation in Umbraco Codegarden 2022

In June, Codegarden 2022 got off the ground, and it was once again with MCB's participation. This year's event was something very special, because we took home not only new knowledge and exciting ideas but also a special title.

31. May 2022

6 benefits of umbraco as cms

Umbraco is a Danish developed CMS coded in .NET. It is built on an Open Source platform and therefore the code is free and accessible to all. More than you 730,000 companies have already joined the platform since its launch back in 2008.

27. October 2021

Umbraco Codegarden 2021

Every year, Umbraco holds the Codegarden, which is the largest and only official Umbraco conference in the world, spanning a full 3 days. We have collected the 4 most important key take aways from this year's event, which this year took place virtually and with over 2000 participants.

08. October 2021

That's why Umbraco Forms is smart

At a time when there is a focus on data and the collection of it, it is crucial that you are able to collect the data you need to create results in your business. And Umbraco will help you with that. With Umbraco Forms, you can easily create all the types of forms you need to gather the relevant data you need.

08. October 2021

Umbraco Cloud or Umbraco Uno?

Today, with over 500,000 installations, Umbraco is one of the most popular CMS platforms. And with good reason. With Umbraco, you can quickly, easily and cheaply get started in establishing yourself in the online market.

08. October 2021

That's why Umbraco provides the best editor and developer experience

Umbraco is a user-friendly and adaptable system that makes it easy for you to work with - whether you are an editor or a developer. The potential of the system is huge, but how do you make sure you get the most out of the system? Here you will find some of the Umbraco features that you will not want to miss.