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30. June 2022

How to control your marketing strategy when there are unrest in the market

Post-corona. Mid-inflation. Pre-black friday. Headwind on Facebook and Google Ads. Does that sound familiar? These are challenges for many at the moment. Read here where we try to help you through.

16. June 2022

3 reasons why Shopify is a strong ecommerce platform

Shopify is a Canadian webshop system that includes hosting, CMS, order system and CRM system. Shopify is a great platform for start-ups, but is also used when large companies need to scale.

08. June 2022

4 Benefits of HubSpot

HubSpot is a world in itself - and that world is full of possibilities. This is not just a platform that is phenomenal for e-mail marketing, or that makes it easy to keep track of customers. HubSpot is so much more than that!

31. May 2022

6 benefits of umbraco as cms

Umbraco is a Danish developed CMS coded in .NET. It is built on an Open Source platform and therefore the code is free and accessible to all. More than you 730,000 companies have already joined the platform since its launch back in 2008.

23. May 2022

Are you using HubSpot’s Android App? Then use Dark Mode

In 2017, HubSpot launched an App for all Android users - and it was a success. Therefore, new initiatives have been taken on an ongoing basis to improve the app to follow the changes and the demanding needs of the users.

20. May 2022

New price marketing rules

EU has made new marketing rules, which will enter into force on 28 may 2022. These deal with a change in how you may use price marketing in the future and what prices you are allowed to compare with in the future.

19. May 2022

Performance Max - Google Ads’ new magic or black hole?

“Is Performance Max something we have to be a part of?” This is a question we have heard more often than just a few times at MCB.

16. May 2022

Why you should offer customers local collection in the store

Several of your customers live close to your physical store yet you send packages to them. And maybe some are also sent back which gives you costs and even harms the environment. Why not take advantage of local pickup for your nearby customers with Shopify?

06. May 2022

Use your Instagram profile on your website to inspire customers

Instagram is an attractive marketing channel for many businesses. And with good reason. It has a large and diverse audience of over one billion active users every month.

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