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21. November 2022

Q4 - 5 new functions in .Cloud

Let us tell you something you might not know.
At MCB, we are experienced in both Magento, Umbraco, HubSpot and Shopify (you probably already know that) - but there is one more system in which we are not just good, we are the best IN THE WORLD. And with good reason.

08. November 2022

Expand internationally with Magento Multistore

Magento is an open source CMS that was developed to control and manage webshops. It is also a user interface that lets you manage your entire business flow from one administration panel. This means that you can create products and product variants as well as handle orders, shipping and payments in one place.

03. November 2022

How to avoid being frauded over email

Unfortunately there are many internet scammers out there. Some of them try to find their way to your private information through emails. This is called email spoofing. Learn how to spot the fraud and increase your security over email.

27. October 2022

Sorting products into collections and bundles creates more turnover

One of the most important tasks is to organize your collections in an efficient way. Shopify has great features to let you sort and filter products. Here you can read how to organize products in categories and bundles.

24. October 2022

HubSpot features you should keep an eye on in 2023

HubSpot's event, Inbound 2022, was about 'connection'. The many channels and new trends in data protection have made it more difficult to build meaningful connections - which also drive growth.

20. October 2022

Google Analytics is illegal - What can you do?

The Danish Data Protection Agency has declared Google Analytics illegal. You have probably already heard it. And perhaps it has also given rise to sweat on the forehead. Because what do you do? We give you an overview of what you can do.

10. October 2022

INBOUND22: Time to reconnect

“Crisis of disconnection.” These were the words of HubSpot's CEO, Yamini Rangan, when she launced INBOUND22. And precisely 'Connection' was to become the main focus of this year's HubSpot event.

03. October 2022

The benefits of LinkedIn advertising - Increase performance with authentic video

Do you work with B2B? And are you responsible for your company's marketing? Then you may already use targeted advertising opportunities available on LinkedIn. If not, you are not alone!

15. September 2022

What is headless cms?

Is headless cms headless crazy or brilliant? Headless has gradually become a buzzword within web development - and for good reason. When you want to act both quickly and agile as part of your company's digital strategy a headless CMS can help you deliver value across channels.

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