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16. June 2022

3 reasons why Shopify is a strong ecommerce platform

Shopify is a Canadian webshop system that includes hosting, CMS, order system and CRM system. Shopify is a great platform for start-ups, but is also used when large companies need to scale.

16. May 2022

Why you should offer customers local collection in the store

Several of your customers live close to your physical store yet you send packages to them. And maybe some are also sent back which gives you costs and even harms the environment. Why not take advantage of local pickup for your nearby customers with Shopify?

06. May 2022

Use your Instagram profile on your website to inspire customers

Instagram is an attractive marketing channel for many businesses. And with good reason. It has a large and diverse audience of over one billion active users every month.

28. April 2022

Utilize sold out products to collect essential data in shopify

As of today you have hidden your sold out products for the last time!

17. March 2022

Help Center gives your customers answers to decisional questions

A Help Center is like a win-win situation. Customer satisfaction increases when customers can easily find the answers to their questions. You save time when you no longer have to answer the same questions over and over again.

19. November 2021

Build your subscription business and easily keep track with Shopify

What could be better than having ongoing payments to your business in the form of various subscription products? All it takes is the right system, and Shopify can help you.

16. November 2021

Plan campaigns, events, discounts, and theme changes with Launchpad

You work more than ever before and it's the busiest time of the year. More products need to be launched, events need to be planned, and sales need to be managed. Shopify Launchpad is your rescue.

12. November 2021

Shopify Plus handles all your retailers from a single platform

There are over 100 different B2B apps that can, to the best of their ability, control your many different retailers, but none have the full package. Until now.

09. November 2021

Automate tasks with Shopify Flow across your stores

Shopify has now made it easier to manage workflows across all shops without having to log in to each store individually.

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