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08. October 2021

Achieve a fast load time on your collection pages with a few changes

How to get a fast load time on your collection pages.

We all know that. We come to a collection page where the loading time is far too slow. The result is often the same - we slip on and find another place to shop. And it also happens even though we are in the perfect target group.

It is not good!

So with a few changes, you can happily make the experience for your visitors MUCH better.

08. October 2021

How to make the wildest custom landing pages on Shopify!

Want to know how to design your landing pages according to your needs on Shopify?

Then luckily it is not at all as difficult as you might think.

You just have to use the right tools. And them, and the opportunities they give you, I will tell more about below. Then you can soon be designing the wildest landing page!

Shopify is a completely open system that you can develop further and further on. The possibilities are therefore endless, and you can therefore also design your landing pages just according to your own needs.

For example, you can use a number of different themes, different sections, program yourself or integrate different apps.

There is therefore certainly a solution that suits your experience!

08. October 2021

Be clear about your varieties and get repurchases from your customers!

Your customers have purchased a product and they love it! Why not get them to buy the same product if necessary. in a different color?

08. October 2021

Your customer reviews are paramount to your business!

Product reviews are opinions or feedback from your customers on the product they have ordered. Many webshops create a flow that starts when the customer has purchased the product, and subsequently allows him / her to report the product after it has been delivered.

And because the reviews are visible to your other potential customers, they help them gain insight into the product before they buy it themselves. On that basis, they can assess whether the product is worth buying or not.

If you have not added a section with product reviews on your website - perhaps for fear of bad reviews, you will therefore lose a large number of potential customers.

06. October 2021

10 best Shopify apps

With apps at Shopify, these are the extra features you can add to your Shopify webshop - and it is the additional features and layout options that are not already part of your chosen theme.

06. October 2021

10 best Shopify themes

There are 4500+ themes for Shopify and as a Partner and one of five Shopify Experts in Denmark, we have worked with more than 450 of these.

There are many good themes, but unfortunately also some less good ones.

16. September 2021

What Is the New Shopify Markets?

You don't have to be the next Jeff Bezos to dream of creating a business with a global reach. And in today's connected world, selling beyond your local market has become a reality for many companies instead of wishful thinking.

But is your business ready to sell overseas? You might love the idea, but you may feel equally daunted at the prospect of converting your successful eCommerce website to meet the demands of a global audience.

Fortunately, there is now help at hand with a new launch. That launch is a brand new feature from the leading eCommerce platform, Shopify.

Here, we'll introduce Shopify Markets to you, the features, and how this launch can support small businesses wanting to reach markets worldwide.