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26. March 2023

The integration between ChatGPT and Hubspot Chat provides infinite possibilities

Chatbots have been a part of the digital world for quite some time now, but with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), they have also evolved and reached the next level. And that's amazing!

21. March 2023

How YouTube advertising can increase the online visibility of B2B and B2C companies

With YouTube advertising you can effectively reach a large and relevant target group, increase visibility, build brand awareness, generate leads and create sales both B2B and B2C via engaging and targeted ads

09. March 2023

Optimize sales processes with HubSpot

HubSpot can be used for many things. And it is the ideal platform whether you are looking for at tool for customer service, marketing or a CMS in general - the system can actually also be the sales partner you have always dreamed of.

07. March 2023

Revolutionize your content with HubSpot's new AI Content Assistant

HubSpot has just announced the update, 'AI Content Assistant', which is powered by ChatGPT (OpenAI's GPT-3 model). This new feature will revolutionize the way businesses create content and streamline their daily workflows.

02. March 2023

Use HubSpot as your SEO tool

HubSpot is many things. In addition to being your CMS, CRM system, and the cornerstone of your marketing strategy the system is also your helping hand when you want to be successful with your SEO.

02. December 2022

How to build a Knowledge Base in HubSpot

HubSpot is a CRM platform that can manage everything from marketing, sales, reports, and service. And precisely under Service you can create a Knowledge Base which can have many advantages for your business. We show you how to get started.

24. October 2022

HubSpot features you should keep an eye on in 2023

HubSpot's event, Inbound 2022, was about 'connection'. The many channels and new trends in data protection have made it more difficult to build meaningful connections - which also drive growth.

10. October 2022

INBOUND22: Time to reconnect

“Crisis of disconnection.” These were the words of HubSpot's CEO, Yamini Rangan, when she launced INBOUND22. And precisely 'Connection' was to become the main focus of this year's HubSpot event.

29. August 2022

Do you use Quotes in HubSpot? Now you can customize them further

Do you want to minimize the time you spend switching between different software systems and optimize the time you spend selling? Then there is good news with Customized Quote Templates in HubSpot.

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