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HubSpots new Pricing Model comes into effect on March 5, 2024

Martin Mensbo Christiansen

Head of HubSpot

Martin is one of the few in Denmark with deep knowledge in HubSpot. He masters everything from code, marketing, automation, and data.

HubSpot is rolling out a new pricing structure from March 5, 2024. It's based on a seats-based pricing model and applies to all Hub products and subscription levels. The update takes effect for new accounts subscribing to either the Starter, Professional, or Enterprise levels.
There will be no immediate changes for current paying accounts.

Seats Pricing Model

The new Pricing Model represents a significant overhaul of the current price structure at HubSpot, and it's a change that ensures HubSpot will align more closely with the standards seen within the industry and the market at large.
It's a pricing model we are already familiar with from other systems.

The shift from Legacy Pricing to Seats Pricing also reflects the increasingly complex solutions and purchasing processes that are in demand. With the offering of a robust system that includes Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise levels, along with several areas within these levels that can be invested in, there's a need for a more streamlined payment process that simplifies the user experience.
For many, pricing has been opaque and difficult to relate to, lacking a valid basis for comparison with similar systems.

Introducing the new model now seems advantageous, especially as we are on the cusp of welcoming yet another hub, the Commerce Hub.

All unnecessary complexity is to be eliminated. And the first steps with the new Pricing Model will be taken on March 5, 2024.


What does the new Pricing Model mean?

With the new pricing model, 2 entirely new seat types are introduced:

  1. Core Seats
  2. View Only Seats

Core Seats allow for editing on the platform. Thus, there is access to all features on the current plan, while View Only Seats are for all non-edit users. This means that this seat only provides access to the platform without making any changes.
Users with a View Only Seat will also not have the ability to connect their email inbox and log and track emails and other information - not even if HubSpot's Sales Extension or another integration is used.

All HubSpot Starter products will consist only of Core Seats.
And for a free solution, there will be a minimum of 5 Core Seats.

Any paid HubSpot subscription comes with an unlimited number of View Only Seats, and there are no extra costs associated with this. This is in contrast to Core Seats, which must be purchased for the number of users needed.

In the future, therefore, every single user of HubSpot who needs proper capabilities in the system will have to be paid for. And this requires you to assess who should have which accesses in your account.
It's a healthy exercise that ensures a pricing structure that is easier to understand. And it also makes it simpler to grow in HubSpot, as extra Seats can always be purchased.

In addition to the new Core Seats and View Only Seats, Sales Seats and Service Seats, as we know them, will be retained.

Common to all seats is that the current minimum number for Sales Hub and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise is removed.

Additionally, a 3rd seat; Partner Seat, will be introduced. Its purpose is to give HubSpot partners free access to all necessary accounts. This means that you do not have to pay for a Core Seat for the number of partners you let into your account. And it will not affect your subscription price to collaborate with qualified HubSpot partners and developers.


For you who are already using HubSpot

If you are already using HubSpot, you will not be affected until later in the year (the exact date has not yet been announced, but it will most likely be a gradual transition), when all accounts are migrated to the new pricing structure.

This means that by the end of the year, we will be looking at a completely new pricing structure. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to add those users to your current account who may later need paid access. Existing customers will indeed be allocated a certain number of seats - at no cost, based on the number of active users they have in their portal.
Thus, you will not experience full billing for your paid users.

However, you are likely to experience a minor price increase in your subscription - but HubSpot has announced that it will NOT exceed 5%.

You can read more about the new Pricing Model here.


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