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10. August 2022

Why should you combine Hubs in HubSpot

With HubSpot CRM you get a complete package solution consisting of 5 Hubs to manage everything from marketing, sales, data to customer service. The 5 Hubs can be combined crosswise. Here you learn how.

02. August 2022

Sell digital products on Shopify using online systems

When you start a webshop and want to sell online, you often think of selling physical products. But why not sell courses, memberships, rentals, and much more on a Shopify solution?

29. July 2022

MCB's participation in Umbraco Codegarden 2022

In June, Codegarden 2022 got off the ground, and it was once again with MCB's participation. This year's event was something very special, because we took home not only new knowledge and exciting ideas but also a special title.

26. July 2022

How to discover where your SoMe posts perform best

HubSpot is constantly improving to give you the right prerequisites so you can optimize and scale. A new update from the platform should give you an insight into your social media so that you can perform even better. Read here how.

06. July 2022

The differences between HubSpot and Salesforce

In the search for the best CRM system you definitely came across the 2 mastofons; HubSpot and Salesforce. And the right choice is important to secure the foundation of your business.

30. June 2022

How to control your marketing strategy when there are unrest in the market

Post-corona. Mid-inflation. Pre-black friday. Headwind on Facebook and Google Ads. Does that sound familiar? These are challenges for many at the moment. Read here where we try to help you through.

16. June 2022

3 reasons why Shopify is a strong ecommerce platform

Shopify is a Canadian webshop system that includes hosting, CMS, order system and CRM system. Shopify is a great platform for start-ups, but is also used when large companies need to scale.

08. June 2022

4 Benefits of HubSpot

HubSpot is a world in itself - and that world is full of possibilities. This is not just a platform that is phenomenal for e-mail marketing, or that makes it easy to keep track of customers. HubSpot is so much more than that!

31. May 2022

6 benefits of umbraco as cms

Umbraco is a Danish developed CMS coded in .NET. It is built on an Open Source platform and therefore the code is free and accessible to all. More than you 730,000 companies have already joined the platform since its launch back in 2008.

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