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Umbraco 14 has now been released

Bjarne Fyrstenborg


With the title as MVP in Umbraco, Bjarne is certainly a specialist in the system. He has many years of experience in Umbraco, and he always manages to crack the otherwise most complicated solutions.

On May 30, 2024, Umbraco 14 was released. This version introduces an entirely new backoffice experience built with modern technologies such as TypeScript and Web Components. You will experience improved performance, increased flexibility, and greater customization options.

Umbraco 14

Now, Umbraco 14 has finally been released. With the improvements and upgrades that come with it, it is now easier, especially for developers, to create powerful digital solutions that can help ensure your online business benefits from the latest and most innovative technological advancements.

Many believe that with Umbraco 14, we have reached a new milestone. This is partly because the version comes with major changes that standardize and enhance the platform's customization and extension capabilities. At the same time, there have been significant improvements to tools, testing options, performance, scalability, and especially the backoffice.

Umbraco 14 still runs the latest and best version of .NET with all the stability and performance that comes with it. The main focus of this release is therefore the backoffice and API layer that makes it all possible. So, if you are expanding and customizing via the editing experience in Umbraco, this release comes with significant and exciting changes. And for everyone else, it improves the foundation of the CMS.

For example, Umbraco 14 is built with TypeScript and Web Components to create more secure JavaScript and better integration possibilities.

Read about the Umbraco 14 release here.


What is standard-term support (STS)?

Umbraco 14 is the next Standard-Term Support (STS) version of the Umbraco CMS. The support phase therefore runs until November 14, 2024, while the security phase lasts until March 2, 2025. Umbraco 14 is declared end-of-life on May 30, 2025.

Being an STS version means that Umbraco 14 has a shorter support lifecycle compared to, for example, the recently released Umbraco 13, which is a Long-Term Support (LTS) version.

As a rule of thumb, STS versions are well-suited for projects that are continuously under development.



With the launch of Umbraco 14, we see the biggest change in the backoffice experience in 10 years.

The trusted and well-tested design and familiar workflows have been re-implemented, but also updated and adjusted where relevant. This means you will encounter a fresh and modern backoffice while maintaining a great editing experience.

And while the visual design remains familiar and user-friendly, underlying technological updates have revolutionized the platform.

AngularJS has been replaced with modern technologies like TypeScript, Web Components, and LIT, significantly improving performance and stability. Additionally, the new backoffice is built with the Umbraco UI Library, ensuring consistency and easier extension possibilities.

This is also because Umbraco 14 is designed with an 'Extension First Strategy.' This means that almost everything in the backoffice can be extended, allowing you to create more configurable solutions for specific needs and scenarios.

With a new REST Management API, everything in Umbraco can also be managed programmatically - from users to content and media types, making it possible to tailor the backoffice to specific needs. And after outdated technologies like XPath and macros have been removed, the platform has also become more maintainable and future-proof.

These changes mean that developers now have access to a more flexible and robust system that eases the integration of new features and customizations.

And as a user, you get a more future-proof version.



Management API

The new Management API improves communication between the backoffice and the backend while enabling a clear separation of functions.

The Management API is based on the same headless (RESTful) principles as the Content and Media Delivery API, adding content management to Umbraco CMS’s already extensive array of headless options. This opens up a world of possibilities for headless and provides a better platform for building flexible and customized solutions.


UI Library

One of Umbraco's great strengths is the excellent ability to extend and customize the user interface, providing a tailored and fully integrated content management experience.

The Extension API commits to an extension-first approach. This helps ensure that the UI in Umbraco is built using this very API and the Umbraco UI Library.

All of this is already fully available to developers for use in custom extensions, packages, and integrations, benefiting everyone working with the backoffice UI.


Umbraco Cloud

Umbraco 14 is available on Umbraco Cloud and introduces several updates to Workflow, Forms, Deploy, and Commerce.

This means you get the latest version of the CMS pre-installed and ready to use with a single click. This includes the brand new version 14 release of Umbraco Forms and Umbraco Deploy.

Additionally, Umbraco Commerce and Umbraco Workflow have been released as alpha versions for Umbraco 14. For example, Workflow has been made open source. Final releases for both are expected in the coming weeks.


What does it mean to you?

If you are on an older version of Umbraco, such as Umbraco 12, we recommend that you first migrate to Umbraco 13 before making the switch to Umbraco 14. This way, the process is easier and with fewer issues considering the many improvements.

If you are on an even older version of Umbraco, such as Umbraco 11, you should consider a migration in the near future. Umbraco 11 reached End-of-Life on December 1, 2023.

You should carry out continuous updates to ensure you are consistently upgrading to the latest versions of Umbraco. This means each update will be simpler and quicker to complete, and it ensures that you always have the latest functionalities and fixes, as well as improved stability and security.


Bjarne Fyrstenborg


Read more about Umbraco upgrades here.

Please also note that all versions prior to Umbraco 7 are no longer supported.


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