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8 new AI features in Shopware

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ignited a new fire, embracing the world of e-commerce. With AI at your disposal, as a retailer, you can tackle diverse tasks, work efficiently, and empower your business with improved speed and capacity.
Here are the 8 latest AI features in Shopware.


Shopware, one of the world's leading e-commerce platforms, has just launched eight new AI features as part of their AI Copilot - your all-in-one package of AI functionalities in Shopware.

These innovations represent a milestone in e-commerce technology and have the potential to transform the way we conduct online business. With the increasing importance of artificial intelligence in modern retail, these new features can push the boundaries of Shopware's capabilities, creating a more engaging and personalized shopping experience.

Designed to assist you with using Shopware, these features provide invaluable support. As an e-commerce business, embracing AI opportunities can enhance efficiency, personalize customer experiences, and boost conversion rates while optimizing workflows.

AI's ability to swiftly and accurately analyze large amounts of data enables you to gain insights into customer preferences and behaviors, allowing you to predict trends, generate targeted product recommendations, and adapt your business strategy. Moreover, AI can minimize errors, saving you time and costs.

By embracing AI, you can gain a competitive advantage and create a more engaging and tailored shopping experience for your customers.



1. AI-generated content for shopping experiences

With AI-generated content for shopping experiences, you can effortlessly create various types of text content for your webshop. The AI helps you check for spelling errors and translate your texts into any language of your choice.

The process is simple.

When creating or editing a page, access the new AI feature quickly by clicking your space bar. Enter a prompt like 'Write a blog post about baking chocolate cake,' and the AI will start generating the text.
After the text is generated, you'll be presented with additional actions. You can check grammar or translate the text into another language.

This feature can save you a lot of time. Copywriting is a time-consuming task that requires expertise and skill. While AI can't replace everything, it can help overcome writer's block and provide inspiration for a text. The generated text should be seen as a draft to be manually worked on further.

Furthermore, the feature helps quality-check the text, saving you from lengthy revision processes.



2. AI export assistant 

With the AI Export Assistant, you can now easily export specific data from your Shopware to a CSV file.

Enabling this AI-based export assistant is a breeze.

Access 'Export' in your 'Settings' and activate it. Once enabled, you'll be presented with a text box to input your command, such as 'Send me all orders from yesterday.' The AI converts your request into a database query, and shortly after, the results will appear in a preview window. You can then download the data as a CSV file.

Previously, only a standard export, including unnecessary data, was possible, leading to manual sorting of large files. With the AI Export Assistant, you can filter your data, displaying only what's essential. This simplifies obtaining the information you need, facilitating faster optimization of business processes, data analysis, and data-driven decision-making.

It's important to note that Shopware never shares store data with various AI services. The artificial intelligence is solely used to generate the database query.

Moreover, not all requests are currently possible, as this feature is still a work in progress, aiming to become more versatile and useful in the future.



3. AI-based customer classification

AI-based customer classification generates labels based on customers' order history. These labels can be used as tags, especially beneficial in marketing emails.

You can specify a selection of customers whose data you want to use for customer classification. The AI service retrieves order information for these customers to uncover common characteristics or behavior and then divides them into useful segments.
The artificial intelligence creates both labels and rules. For example, you can have a label called 'Returning Customers,' with a rule like 'Customers who placed at least 3 orders within the last 3 months.'

Once this is done, the new rules are applied to your customers, classifying and assigning them appropriate tags. These tags can be used in your marketing, allowing you to send more targeted and specific emails to customers interested in your content. If some customers are tagged 'Dresses,' you can send them dress offers.

All of this can save you significant amounts of time, especially if you want to set up automated flows. The AI-based customer classification is a great asset for further automation as it simplifies data grouping for additional automation through the Rule Builder and/or Flow Builder.


4. Image keyword assistant

The Image Keyword Assistant analyzes uploaded images and assigns relevant keywords.

When using this feature, AI assists in analyzing the images you upload in Shopware. The artificial intelligence identifies the content of the image and assigns one or more relevant keywords. For example, if the image shows a Labrador, keywords like 'Animal,' 'Dog,' and 'Labrador' may be assigned.

These keywords are stored as part of the image's metadata, making it easy to find them quickly through admin search.

This is particularly useful when designing a page and needing appropriate images. With large databases of images, finding specific ones can be time-consuming. However, using the selected keywords on all images simplifies the process. You can search your media library using keywords and quickly access all images with matching tags.

You can also save the assigned keywords as alt-tags for your images, ensuring better visibility in online search engines like Google.



5. AI-generated product review summary

AI-generated product review summary allows you to have an AI-generated overview of all the saved reviews for a specific product. These reviews can be published on individual product pages, giving your customers an impression of the product's value.

As always, you can find a review section under 'Settings' on each product. However, now, you also have the option to create an AI-generated summary of all the product reviews it has received over time on your shop. Once the artificial intelligence has compiled the summary, you can review and customize it before saving and uploading it to the product page.

This feature helps your customers make informed purchase decisions. The summary of all the saved reviews provides a quick overview of the product's value and the overall response to it.



6. Custom checkout message 

With an AI-generated custom checkout message, you can send personalized messages to all your customers after they make a purchase in your shop in Shopware. The message can be based on the items they bought, making it a highly personalized communication.

This feature can significantly increase customer loyalty.

Once you enable this function, as soon as an order is placed, the artificial intelligence will automatically generate a personalized message tailored to the products the customer has purchased.

You can set preferences for this feature in your admin panel, such as limiting the length of the message or selecting a specific tone of voice.

The personalized message will appear directly on the page once the order is completed.

You have the option to test the messages beforehand and experiment with different settings before activating them. This ensures that your customers receive the desired experience when shopping with you.



7. AI-generated product properties

AI-generated product properties help suggest product attributes based on a specific product description.

Based on a product description, the artificial intelligence automatically creates a list of properties relevant to the product. The function can instantly recognize the properties you have already saved and distinguish them from the new ones. This makes it easier for you to make all the relevant product information that a customer may inquire about visible.

When updating product properties, you may often encounter duplicates, and descriptions can become somewhat repetitive. Additionally, it is a time-consuming task, yet essential to providing the best experience for your customers. This also holds true if you offer filtering options on your shop, as AI-generated product properties can assist in creating various variants.

Not only does this function streamline your time, but it also benefits the shoppers on your shop who will automatically be presented with a range of suggestions when searching for products.



8. AI-based translation for reviews 

If you have a lot of product reviews that you'd like to have translated into one or more languages, the AI-based review translator can be invaluable. And it's not just for you but also for your customers, who can quickly and easily view a product review in their preferred language, making it easier for them to engage with your international reviews.

Once you activate this feature under your 'Settings,' your customers will see individual translations of reviews when they interact with your shop. The more reviews a customer can read and understand about a specific product or your shop in general, the better idea they will have about the product and the shop. In the long run, it can result in improved overall product reviews as you provide better customer service and reassurance by communicating in their preferred language.

By understanding your reviews from the start, you can also ensure that expectations for a product are realistic, making this feature a vital ally in reducing the number of returns.


Please note that all the above features are part of Shopware's AI Copilot, which is available in Shopware version and above.


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