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Everything You Need to Know About HubSpot

Every business wants to make an impact in its respective industry and expand its market base by implementing top-notch marketing tools.
The world of digital marketing is a well-established sector packed with competitive companies striving to be at the top. If you wish to take your business to new heights and want to learn more about HubSpot's marketing tools, then this is the right place for you. You may or may not have heard of HubSpot, a leader in the digital marketing industry. Here’s an in-depth guide about what HubSpot is and how you can make the most of its services.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a powerful blend of various software products that allow your business to make the most of the digital world and its power while expanding your marketing impact. Founded in 2006 by Dharmesh Shah (Co-founder, CTO) and Brian Halligan (Co-founder, CEO), HubSpot is Software as a Service (SaaS) company that offers a comprehensive set of different tools for marketing campaigns that support each stage of the business journey.

The company primarily works on developing inbound marketing software known as HubSpot CRM and various other software solutions to form a complete stack, known as – HubSpot Growth Stack. This software helps you accelerate revenue growth and build an appropriate sales pipeline. This full-fledged stack includes a HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, Sales Hub and CMS Hub. These hubs play significant roles individually and in compilation too. HubSpot’s inbound marketing approach aims to attract more site traffic and convert more leads into satisfied customers. Instead of taking an intrusive approach to marketing, HubSpot allows you to implement a helpful approach that lets you focus more on the potential customer issues and present solutions that would benefit them.

HubSpot’s award-winning marketing platform provides a variety of marketing tools to make your online presence impactful. Using these, you can seamlessly create content, manage social media accounts, improve search engine rankings, work with leads, create CTA buttons and callouts, create attractive landing pages and automate your marketing processes. With HubSpot, you can bring all your marketing tools under one umbrella and share data easily.   

This Cambridge-based company is an all-in-one marketing solutions provider that can help you design your marketing campaigns and sell effectively. Using their cloud-based platform, HubSpot can combine all the marketing efforts that you can access from anywhere.

HubSpot has an online resource academy for helping people learn inbound marketing tactics and also offers consulting services. It also hosts HubSpot certification programs, inbound marketing and user group conferences. HubSpot is known as - a prolific creator of content such as social media, blogs and webinars.

What does HubSpot consist of?

HubSpot consists of various options depending on the scope of tools you are looking for and the type of areas you want to explore. These specific tools are aimed at improving your overall marketing experience and help gain better leads and sales. These areas are known as hubs that help you achieve the desired targets. These hubs are discussed in detail below:

1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a free-to-use tool that offers basic features such as pipeline management, deal tracking, reporting dashboard and company insights. This customer relationship management tool is a centralized platform for businesses to manage their activities in one place efficiently. Companies can organize their contacts and keep track of all their conversations with the customers. The CRM tool primarily focuses on helping marketers. Now, it is more robust and works to help in every aspect from marketing and sales to customer relations.

Some of the free HubSpot CRM tools include:

  • HubSpot Connect Integrations
  • Company Insights
  • Ad management
  • Email templates and tracking
  • Contact management
  • Canned snippets

2. Marketing Hub

HubSpot’s award-winning marketing platform offers a variety of tools to make your marketing experience delightful. Marketing Hub helps you create engaging content that attracts more leads and customers. Businesses can choose the best-suited one from the available plans. It is an ideal platform to increase traffic, convert leads and manage all your activities in one place.

Some of the free Marketing Hub tools include:

  • Live chat
  • Conversational bots
  • Mobile optimization
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Pop-up forms

3. Sales Hub

Sales Hub tools help the sales team automate and manage the entire process, from generating leads to keeping track of all communications with potential customers. The sales platform allows you to close deals using its suite of productivity tools and plans. Sales Hub lets you see which leads visit your site, how often and on what pages. It offers instant alerts when a prospect customer opens an email. It helps the sales team automate customized workflows that provide quality information exactly when the leads require it.

Some of the free Sales Hub tools are:

  • Email scheduling
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Calling
  • Multiple dead pipelines
  • Conversations inbox
  • Team email

4. Service Hub

The service hub focuses on assisting customer support teams through a full suite of tools personalized for the ease of the customer service teams. Using the service hub, your client service teams can provide the best solutions for relationship building. These tools help to identify the issues faced by the clients and resolve them quickly to keep your customers satisfied.

Some of the free service hub tools are:

  • Rep productivity reports
  • Ticketing
  • Time-to-close reports
  • Email tracking & notifications
  • Documents
  • Tickets closed reports

5. CMS Hub

CMS hub is the most recent addition to the HubSpot platform. This hub is perfect for both marketers and developers as it offers ease of operation and power for the technical team. This content management system hub helps create and manage various operations with customized experience for the specific visitor explicitly.

This powerful feature set includes various tools such as multi-language content creation, SEO recommendations, drag-and-drop editor, website themes, contact attribution and reporting, adaptive testing and much more. CMS hub is the best way to coordinate your entire squad towards a single growth objective. CMS hub offers various features for the developers, such as serverless functions, website themes, code alerts, local website development, dynamite content and developer docs and community.

What does HubSpot do?

HubSpot helps create a buyer persona for all its clients by creating a virtual representation of the intended customers. With this platform, you can individually study all customers and gain meaningful insights into their journey. These insights are essential to improve your customer relationship management. Using HubSpot, you can:


HubSpot helps you create engaging content that covers the customer's challenges and lays down reliable solutions to their problems. This step focuses on attracting the right crowd to your website and helping you identify the target segment. A robust content strategy produces information in various forms such as blogs, videos, infographics, audio and other modes to disseminate it across social media channels and expand your market.


The next step is the most crucial one as it focuses on developing long-lasting relations with your potential customers by offering them personalized services. The available information is utilized to create a personalized experience for the customer using emails and customized content.


This step includes marketing automation tools to deliver the right message to the right customer. The conversation details are shared with the marketing and sales team to enhance overall customer satisfaction and improve results.

Who is HubSpot suitable for?

HubSpot is the platform that can do wonders for you and your business if you know how to use the tools and target them towards the growth cycle. HubSpot can help you manage your marketing and sales efforts to attract more customers and get better results. If you are ready to invest in attracting more customers and provide your sales team with hot leads, then HubSpot is the right choice for you. With HubSpot, you can combine all your teams under one roof and effectively manage all operations using a centralized cloud-based platform.

Why go HubSpot?

Effective marketing and sales both are essential for the survival of a business. If your marketing and sales policies are not aligned, you may lose your potential customers and incur losses. HubSpot allows business organizations to make their marketing and sales efforts more fruitful by following the approach of Smarketing. The term Smarketing, coined by Dan Tyre, focuses on aligning the marketing and sales activities to get the desired results.

With HubSpot, your marketing hub and sales hub coordinate to promote Smarketing and improve the overall results. Here’s why you should use HubSpot:

Improved communication within the organization

With HubSpot, your marketing and sales team can work together to identify potential buyers, label the sales pipeline and finalize lifecycle stages. Smarketing helps you put the correct efforts in the right direction to get the desired results.

Everything in one place

HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing suite that aligns all your efforts in one place. It makes it easier to manage and interpret the results. It is a central hub that keeps track of everything from marketing and sales to customer relations. HubSpot's strategy harmonizes with the modern clients’ psychology and behavioral changes.

Easy setup

HubSpot offers one of the most convenient platforms to integrate your work and allows you to record all the actions concisely. It helps businesses to gather valuable insights about the customers seamlessly and put them to use.

Better customer management

HubSpot helps bring organic traffic to your site and keeps a close watch on the customer experience. Using this platform, you can easily track the customer's interests and improve your overall customer interaction experience. Satisfied customers are recurring customers that help your business grow and flourish.  

With everything it has to offer, HubSpot is an all-in-one tool that can make your marketing and sales journey effortless and help you reap the benefits of Smarketing. 

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Every business wants to make an impact in its respective industry and expand its market base by implementing top-notch marketing tools.
The world of digital marketing is a well-established sector packed with competitive companies striving to be at the top. If you wish to take your business to new heights and want to learn more about HubSpot's marketing tools, then this is the right place for you. You may or may not have heard of HubSpot, a leader in the digital marketing industry. Here’s an in-depth guide about what HubSpot is and how you can make the most of its services.

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