How to discover where your SoMe posts perform best

HubSpot is constantly improving to give you the right prerequisites so you can optimize and scale. A new update from the platform should give you an insight into your social media so that you can perform even better. Read here how.

It certainly does not come as a surprise that social media plays a crucial role for companies in 2022. It is about creating visibility, engagement, and value on social media. And even to such an extent that it does not annoy or disturb the recipient. At the same time, there are more and more platforms that we have to learn to master. Many lose their breath just thinking about it. Because it makes great demands on everyone who works with SoMe.

Fortunately, there are several tools available today that can help you keep track of your social media performance. And now HubSpot has provided one too.



Your content must be adapted to its medium

One-size-fits-all. Or wait does it?

When working with SoMe, that is a resounding no. As a general rule, there is rarely content that fits 1:1 for all platforms. Some content is simply better suited to e.g. Facebook than to LinkedIn - or at least it requires some adaptation and adjustment to make it fit. And precisely that point is not unimportant today.

If you share the exact same content on all your platforms, you end up shooting scattershot without really hitting anything accurately. Because each medium has its own characteristics.

Let us take an example with the two popular platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn. While Facebook is a network consisting of private relationships, LinkedIn is mainly a network with more professional relationships. And although many are already arguing that the private self plays decisive role for the professional self, we cannot ignore the fact that the tone and expectations of the two platforms are different.

If, for example, you have been out for a walk with your dog in beautiful nature, and you would like to share it on Facebook and LinkedIn, how do you best succeed in that manner? On Facebook, you can share the picture with a text describing that you enjoyed a walk with your dog. It is simple, and many in your network will probably be most interested in your cute dog and the beautiful nature - without frowning at it.

Meanwhile, the reality is different on LinkedIn. Few people open LinkedIn to join today's walk with the dog - after all, they already get a lot of that on Facebook. Therefore, instead, you should consider angling the story differently. This could be, for example, by focusing on the fact that you have gone for a walk with the dog which always gives rise to healthy reflections after a day's work. Or if you are lucky enough to have a flexible workplace where you can walk the dog during your launch break. Thus, the content on the two platforms is basically the same, the angle is completely different.

But be careful! Stories should not be angled at any cost. If the walk does not invite professional reflection, or you do not have the opportunity to walk the dog during the break, then maybe it was one of those cases where the content was just best suited for Facebook.

Some content is therefore better suited to some platforms than others - and this also applies when you share content from your company. So far so good. But how do you keep track of it in practice? When you use HubSpot and have connected your social media, the platform now helps you compare posts so you can discover where the content perform best.



HubSpot tells you where your posts perform best

We have now established that content must be adapted to its medium. And a new update in HubSpot focuses on just that. The update makes it possible to compare how the same post performs on e.g. Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

You will find the new update under Marketing > Social > Compare social posts. You then select one of your published posts and the corresponding platform and then you can compare the post shared on another platform.


It gives you unique prerequisites for learning what and how posts should be emphasized and angled in order to be most succesful on a given medium. Once you have chosen which postings and platforms you want to compare, HubSpot gives you an overview of the number of clicks, interactions, impressions, and comments for each platform.


This means that you can now gain in-depth insights into how content performs, and thereby learn from wich content works best for you and your company in the various media.

Perhaps you will find that your content generally performs best on Instagram with minimum text, and then you can start to take advantage of it and further increase your efforts there. It may also be that you discover that it requires a very special angle if your content is to be successful on LinkedIn, and then you quickly learn what it takes to be succesful in your future posts.

With what has been written, it is difficult to find a step by step recipe for success on social media. It is almost impossible. Your analysis results and considerations for what worked in your postings three months ago may already be out of date.

Instead, the new update in HubSpot should be seen as your opportunity to improve your performance and adapt the content in an otherwise changing world of social media. And that is a unique advantage for everyone who works with social media in HubSpot.



Need help with HubSpot?

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