How to make the wildest custom landing pages on Shopify!

Want to know how to design your landing pages according to your needs on Shopify?

Then luckily it is not at all as difficult as you might think.

You just have to use the right tools. And them, and the opportunities they give you, I will tell more about below. Then you can soon be designing the wildest landing page!

Shopify is a completely open system that you can develop further and further on. The possibilities are therefore endless, and you can therefore also design your landing pages just according to your own needs.

For example, you can use a number of different themes, different sections, program yourself or integrate different apps.

There is therefore certainly a solution that suits your experience!

Use your own theme to build your landing page

When you need to build a landing page, you can use your own theme sections. In them you can add pictures and texts just according to your needs. And you can adjust both the image height and locations - however within the theme's own limitations.

Sections på Shopify

Here we have e.g. developed on YummiiYummii's product templates with information on the various bento boxes, lunch boxes, thermos and much more .. All features are built within the theme.

YummiiYummii produkt skabelon

With a few development hours, you open up more possibilities, e.g. in relation to adjusting the size, location and much more - without restrictions. Shopify has an open API, which you can therefore take full advantage of. And that means you can design your landing page completely the way you want.

Shopify åbent API

Let's say you want to add important information under the "Add to Cart" button on all your products, but this is not immediately possible within your theme.

Fortunately, with very few adjustments, our development team can make it happen at your shop.

And that's just one example. You may have ideas for many other cool features that you want to implement on your site - so let's take a look at it together.

Boozt produktside


Use Shogun to create your landing pages

If you do not want to use your own theme or custom develop landing pages with different features, you should take a look at the app, Shogun. With it, you can build your pages with a simple drag-and-drop feature. And you can both add and delete items as you wish.

You can watch their presentation video on YouTube here:

There is no need for programming here, as all elements have been thoroughly tested on mobile, computer and tablet.

Shogun drag-and-drop

And it can get even easier.

Because if you do not want to start from scratch with a landing page, you can use the templates that are already in Shotgun. You just have to build on them, adjust and adjust them until they match your wishes.

Shogun templates

In addition to building great landing pages with the app, it also offers a really good analytics section where you can track all your traffic.

One small downside, though, is that Shogun is reasonably expensive to use if you do not want to exploit its full potential. There are 3 different subscriptions, which are at $ 39 / month, $ 99 / month and $ 149 / month. However, you get a 10-day free trial just to test the app before you decide.

We recommend Shotgun to all webshops who want to create creative and inspiring landing pages that work. It is also good for websites that want to avoid special programming, but at the same time do not want to compromise on content and appearance.

When you want to stand out online, Shotgun can help you along the way.


Create simple landing pages with Pagefly

If you do not want to use Shogun, the app, Pagefly, may be more interesting for you. With it, you can start building the modern, creative and promotional landing pages that your business deserves.

You can watch their presentation video on YouTube here:

And thanks to the app's streamlined code base, which does not contain unnecessary elements, you can be sure that your landing pages are both fast in load time and professional in their expression.

PlageFly drag-and-drop

PageFly has a very intuitive, flexible and user-friendly drag-and-drop system. You therefore have full control over the design and customization of the various templates, and therefore you can create the following pages exactly as you want:

  • Sales pages
  • ‘Coming soon’ pages
  • Product pages
  • Price pages
  • Collection pages
  • Delivery and return pages
  • ‘About Us’ pages
  • ‘Contact Us’ pages
  • FAQ pages
  • Blog pages
  • And many, many more…

PageFly drag-and-drop

I hope I have inspired you to take a look at your landing pages so you can create an interesting universe on your website. Even the little things can make a big difference!

Send me an email or give me a call if we need to talk about YOUR shop.


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