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Magento Community or Magento Enterprise?

Morten Jakobsen

Chief Product Officer, Magento

With many years of experience in the entire Magento universe, Morten is a specialist in everything that moves within the platform.

Magento is basically a free e-commerce platform. But there is the option to upgrade to a paid version with even more benefits. Are you in doubt which version to choose? Read here and get the answer.

More than 250.000 stores already uses Magento as a platform. Magento is especially known for its professional and robust platform which can be used in both a free and paid version. With Magento Community you can develop and maintain your webshop without monthly payments. But with Magento Enterprise you can acquire unique benefits that can be crucial to your path to online success.

But why choose Magento in the first place? You get the answer here.


Why Choose Magento CMS?

Magento is of the world's most widely used e-commerce platforms. And we understand that. Magento is owned by Adobe and that in itself is a hallmark of quality. In addition Magento is a flexible platform that you can use completely free of charge. That is why Magento is a platform that can be used by most people.

You do not need to have +500,000 products on your webshop to use Magento. And that is just one of the many reasons to choose Magento over so many other platforms - Magento is for small, medium, and large businesses in both B2B and B2C.

In addition Magento is based on an Open Source which means that webshop owners are always in full control of the webshop. At the same time you can seek inspiration for your Magento design and function modules from the many developers around the world.

Once you have decided to choose Magento CMS for your next project you will be faced with a new choice. Magento is available in two versions - Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. Here you get the difference between the versions.


What is Magento Community?

The first edition of Magento is Magento Community which is a free Open Source software. Therefore it can be used by anyone to build an online business. Magento Community is a version suitable for small and medium-sized businesses with ambitions to scale the business. 

With the free edition of Magento you can tailor and customize your Magento webshop with extensions and features that match your needs. At MCB our certified Magento developers can help you take advantage of the free edition.


What is Magento Enterprise?

If you want to take your Magento webshop to new heights Magento offers a paid version, Magento Enterprise, with even more benefits. Magento Enterprise is for you who run a larger webshop and want more advanced and tailored features to reach the top.

In addition to extended features and functions you also get extended support directly to Magento Inc. This means that you have easily accessible guidance at your fingertips when you need it. And that can be a crucial help in a competitive market with high demands on your readiness for change.


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