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Track 100% of your orders from Magento with Google Tag Manager

Nicolai Hesselholdt

Tracking & Google Ads Specialist

Nicolai has several years of experience with Google Ads, and every day he helps our customers succeed with the popular platform.

The tracking is (or should be) the most important element of your work when dealing with performance on your webshop. The data gives you the knowledge  to improve the user experience and about your visitors and the way they act on and with your site.


Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tool that is used for tracking, marketing and other purposes (this may be to ensure Cookie consent).

With the large administration of tags, you get the opportunity to both quickly and easily update tracking codes and relate various code fragments, which gives you greater freedom in relation to data insight and data enrichment on your website.

The tags consist of JavaScript strategically placed on your website, giving you the opportunity to both track and monitor the behavior of your visitors. Therefore, there is also a large number of tags that track various events.

A tag is placed on events, which are used for measuring user behavior. It makes it easier for you to promote views and clicks as well as to measure and monitor payment processes. A tag can, for example, be linked to a click on a certain CTA with the aim of counting actual conversions and assessing performance. But it can also be product views, adding and/or removing products from the shopping cart, filling out a form, downloading a PDF, viewing a video and much more.

This knowledge enables you to evaluate and optimize the design of your site, so that you ultimately reach the most satisfactory user experiences.

You can examine how long it takes a visitor to fill in a form or even a specific field in order to find out whether your form is intuitive and simple enough to deal with. If it takes longer than expected, you can optimize the fields and in general the experience that a user gets when he/she interacts with your form.

All the data collected via Google Tag Manager is sent directly to Google Analytics, where it is further processed and analyzed.


At least some of it does.


Are you missing out on both sales and growth on your Magento webshop? 

To ensure tracking of conversions (purchases) on your webshop, it is normal for your customers to visit your receipt page, as a tag from Google Tag Manager has been set here. And it may seem quite sensible, as the page is default after a purchase.

Almost regardless of which webshop you shop at, after paying for your order and thus completing your purchase, you will be forwarded to a receipt page that confirms your transaction. The page may also contain additional, relevant information in relation to what was ordered. This can be order number, delivery time, right of withdrawal and possibly a discount code for your next purchase.

But even if the receipt page is standard after a purchase, it is still not so standard and so indispensable that several customers do not happily skip it - in fact, data show that up to 15-35% of all customers on a webshop do not see the receipt page.

There can be several reasons for this.

Perhaps they pay with MobilePay, which today is a very popular payment method in Denmark due to its efficiency. And with MobilePay, it is easier to jump away from the receipt page than if it was a regular payment.

We have tested it ourselves.

It takes around 11 seconds, from the time a customer has swiped the payment through in MobilePay, before this customer is sent to the receipt page on a Magento webshop. And for up to 45% of the customers who shop on their smartphone, it is too long a wait, which is why they do not wait for the receipt page, but simply settle for the confirmation that arrives in their email inbox.

As soon as the payment has gone through on our smartphone, the order page closes down.

Or it could be that your customers don't want to wait for the page to display because they are experiencing a slow internet connection.
And as we all know, patience is a rare virtue when it comes to the online universe. Here, everything must be done both quickly and efficiently.

Either way, it means you're missing out on valuable insights of up to 35% of your conversions. And it is unfortunately quite normal, but still not something that everyone is aware of. Therefore, more people calculate their data on conversions as being perfect, not knowing that the numbers they look at, adjust and set goals from, are far from showing the full picture.

There has not been an alternative to the current use of server site tracking that lets you track up to 100% of your conversions on your Magento shop.

But now the reality is different.


Pay attention to your data layer in Google Analytics 4 - we are!

At MCB, we have a mission to become the best Magento agency in Denmark within tracking. Therefore, of course, we make high demands on the way we obtain data. And for us it was not enough with a data layer of only 65-85%.

We first searched the market for pre-existing Magento modules we could integrate with, but did not find one that met our strict requirements and needs. No one offered the possibility of tracking the entire journey and thus 100% data on all conversions.

That is why we have developed our own module that gives you full server site tracking on your Magento webshop. It is the ultimate module that ensures that you can track 100% of your conversions.

Instead of only inserting a tag on the receipt page as before, we have ensured that a conversion (a purchase on your site) is sent directly to Magento's backend, from where you will be able to retrieve the data and process it as desired.

You can, for example, forward it to Facebook or Google Ads and strengthen your marketing strategy.


Get more correct Google Analytics 4 data with a full server site tracking

With the module that we at MCB have developed for Magento, you will experience full e-commerce tracking for Google Analytics 4. This means you will be able to follow an entire purchase journey, right from when a customer visits a specific product or a specific product group, until an item is placed in the basket, the customer moves through your check out flow and finally ends up making a purchase.

You will not miss out on important knowledge in your overall marketing strategy, when you want to experience the best performance and at the same time ensure that you use your marketing budget in the most efficient way.

We ensure you an overall marketing overview with real-time data on performance on your Magento site.

Google Analytic 4 is the new standard in data. It is used when information needs to be sent to and / or from your webshop to other marketing tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, TikTok and Google Ads - tools that increasingly have a greater influence with successful webshops.

And with the new Magento module, you will be able to connect the knowledge from the other marketing tools with your Magento webshop. This means you not only get an overview of the entire purchase journey on your webshop, but also of all the factors that had an influence on the final conversion.

With such great insight between your webshop and your marketing tools, you will be able to do more successful re-marketing. You can send information to Facebook, Google Ads or your affiliate networks about the behavior of your visitors on your website, how far along they are in their purchase journey, etc.

You will gain greater insight, enabling you to target potential customers in a much more targeted manner, and therefore your marketing budget will gain greater value.
The insight into the final customer journey also enables you to better optimize your pages. You will know when your customers need to be taken further, when they spend too much time on a page etc. And you will use this data to figure out what you should optimize next.

And remember, this is something that you can further support with various split tests that will ensure you achieve all your goals along the way.

But that's not all.


Sell more for less with 100% conversion tracking

With a full server site tracking that enables you to track 100% of the purchases on your Magento website, you will experience figures in Google Analytics that match reality. You get the actual figures to deal with in real time - and not only do they often significantly improve your performance, you can also use them when you need to validate your marketing budget - it also gives good reason to approve more resources for your marketing efforts.

Today, many people who use Smart campaigns (this can be through Performance Max or Facebook's algorithm, which can help optimize your marketing), and if either Google or Facebook suddenly tracks up to 35% more conversions, the technology behind it will also become 35% smarter, and therefore it will be easier to set up more targeted marketing.

Not only do you miss out on both sales and growth without a full server site tracking in your Google Analytics 4 data layer, you (or the algorithms themselves) may also turn off the (paid) campaigns on e.g. Facebook and in Google Ads. Without the full overview, the performance of your campaigns appears to be worse than it really is, and therefore you naturally turn them off. And it's a shame when the reality is different, and the campaigns may perform up to 35% better than you can see.

Lars Friis Hansen, Business Developer & Tracking Specialist at mcb

Smarter algorithms often also lead to both more and cheaper sales. They will be better able to target your exact target group, and you can save money on targeting potential customers more precisely - and this is of course something that applies across your channels.

And selling more for less money is surely something that all dream of?

So let's just summarize.

There are especially 2 advantages to having the server site tracking module that MCB has developed for Magento integrated:

  1. You will be able to track a full e-commerce journey, where all steps will be supported by additional measures with your marketing tools
  2. You will be able to track 100% of the conversions on your webshop and avoid having to settle for results based on only 65-85%


Is it legal to track 100% of your conversion?

With the great attention on rules, laws and ways to deal with data and GDPR, you may doubt whether it is even legal to make use of the new module we have developed for Magento.
But let’s calm down. You are not breaking any rules by obtaining the full data overview of conversions with server site tracking.

Due to a greater focus on personal data, more users have become aware of the data they are passing on when interacting with any online service. Many choose to decline cookies.
However, it is possible to track the data anonymously, so it is not connected to a specific user - and then it is legal!

It takes place through Google Consent Mode.

Google Consent Mode is an API from Google that enables you to measure both conversions and general traffic in Google Ads and Google Analytics, even if your visitors reject the use of cookies. And that is in full compliance with GDPR.

There is nothing to be nervous about.


Do you want the full server site tracking on your Magento webshop?

We are happy to help with the entire setup of the full server site tracking as well as the integration on your Magento webshop.

All this is independent of your current Magento agency and your Google Analytics setup. If you have Google Analytics 4, however, the setup of full server site tracking is made significantly easier.


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