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Use your Instagram profile on your website to inspire customers

Tina Poulsen

Chief of Digital Marketing

With several years of experience in digital marketing, Tina is well versed in various marketing strategies with everything from TikTok, LinkedIn, campaign planning, and much more.

Instagram is an attractive marketing channel for many businesses. And with good reason. It has a large and diverse audience of over one billion active users every month.

There are 500 million daily users on Instagram Stories who are happy to engage with brands which results in a great deal of engagement and of course it also offers enormous potential for businesses. All research and all case studies clearly show how many benefits one's Instagram profile can have for a brand, and it has been found that they can be translated directly into sales and customers.


Instagram is popular and a unique sales channel

The numbers speak for themselves. Nearly 11 % of US social media users shop on Instagram. 130 million people click on Instagram Shopping posts every month. People use Instagram earlier in the buying process with 81 % using the social media platform to research products and services. 80 % of Instagram users follow at least one company profile, and 72 % of users say they have purchased a product they have seen on the platform. About 62 % of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Instagram Story.

So it is not to be mistaken. Instagram is popular - also as a sales channel. People are happy to follow brands on Instagram and they are actively discovering and buying products on the platform. That is a big win. 

Also, Instagram ads see excellent results and offer high engagement. Company profiles with over 10,000 Instagram followers can add links to Instagram Stories to drive traffic directly to their site, something that was otherwise difficult to do on the platform.

Instagram continues to expand making it more valuable for merchants and e-commerce businesses especially if they have products with a strong visual appeal.

And do you know what is even better about Instagram? The Instagram algorithm shows your content to people based on their interests and behavior in the app. it makes it easier for you to reach out to people who are likely to engage with your brand and get more results from your Instagram marketing efforts.

There is no doubt that Instagram is a platform where there is a big gain for the customer but to that extent also for the companies.


Benefits of implementing Instagram feed on your website

1. Channel Instagram traffic on your site
An Instagram feed on your website increases website traffic and engagement. It opens up opportunities for increased visiting time on one's website. It does not allow the user to stop looking further on your website or your social channels.

2. Generate user-generated content from Instagram to the site
User Generated Content (UGC) comes directly from loyal customers. You will not find a better and cheaper marketing than when your fans share your product. It provides authentic content, and it must be presented in the best possible way. 

3. Manage your content with the Instagram Feed Widget
Irrelevant, inappropriate images, or videos that use the brand's hashtag or user-generated content displayed directly on the brand's Instagram feed can lead to the destruction of a brand image. Therefore it is important that you can control what is displayed on your website.

4. Boost conversions and sales
By implementing an Instagram feed on your website you can easily convert your visitors into customers. This will automatically lead to a boost in conversions and sales of your products and services.


The app that solves it for you easily and simply

SNPT - An app that transforms social media into powerful sales channels

Visual shopping
The SNPT platform gives you easy-to-use tools that turn your social media content into social shopping experiences. Dynamic shopping galleries, memorable Shop the Look Gards, and informative product page galleries can provide great inspiration, increase basket size, and increase sales by giving your customers more confidence.

User-generated content
You already have an army of salespeople, you just do not know how to show them off. SNPT shows you how to capture new content from your most passionate customers, and how to track and identify the best photos and videos your brand has been tagged in and instantly turn that content into sales material. Wild not?

There seems to be nothing to do but get started implementing your Instagram profile on your website. In any case, we have a hard time finding the counterarguments to this.


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