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Why Magento is beneficial

Morten Jakobsen

Chief Product Officer, Magento

With many years of experience in the entire Magento universe, Morten is a specialist in everything that moves within the platform.

Magento is a flexible and scalable platform to use when building a webshop - whether you run a B2B or B2C business. Here you can read why you should choose Magento.

Magento is a professional and powerful e-commerce platform built in Open Source. This means that everyone has free access to the source code. Therefore the system is free to use, and everyone has the opportunity to develop their own designs and features and share them with each other. 

With Magento you have full ownership without restrictions and even without monthly payments. You are guaranteed a Magento webshop that is both easy yo maintain and manage.


Magento can Accommodate your Dreams and Ambitions

The success of your webshop is largely based on what platform it is built on. And there are more reasons to choose Magento over so many other platforms.

Magento is a robust platform that offers powerful tools for search engine optimization (SEO), directory management, and marketing. The platform's Open Source license gives you full control and a network of thousands of developers around the world that you can be inspired by.

With Magento you get a flexible platform that is easy to adapt to your unique needs. This means that there is room to dream big - completely without you having to worry about growing out of your Magento shop, instead it grows with you.


Unique benefits of Magento

There is a clear picture of a platform with many benefits. And it does not end here. In additions to flexibility and full control, Magento offers benefits such as extensions, integrations, scalability, and an enterprise version. Here you get an overview of the benefits.

Functional and Custom Extensions
As previously mentioned the many thousands of developers around the world are contribution to the existence of many different modules that make it easy to find the right solution that matches your needs. Therefore you can easily expand and customize your Magento webshop. The possibilities for customizing function modules and designs are endless - and if your desire is not to be found a Magento certified developer can develop it for you.

Space for Integrations
Magento offers an API which is an interface that allows different software to interact with each other. This means that your Magento shop can easily be integrated with for example PostNord, GLS, and E-conomic. With an integration with GLS or PostNod you can make the daily work with shipping simple. While an integration with E-conomic allows you to get rid of the manual posting of orders.

Scalable Platform
Magento is 100 % scalable so do not be afraid to grow out of the platform. No matter how significant growth you experience Magento will always be able to accommodate you and your needs. This means that your Magento shop will always grow with you - and not from you.

Possibility of Extended Support Directly from Magento Inc.
Magento is available in two versions: Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. Magento Community is a free version that basically everyone has access to. On the contrary Magento Enterprise is an upgrade and thus also a paid version where you get the option of extended support and help directly from Magento Inc., so you always have easily accessible instructions at hand.


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