3 reasons why Shopify is a strong ecommerce platform

Shopify is a Canadian webshop system that includes hosting, CMS, order system and CRM system. Shopify is a great platform for start-ups, but is also used when large companies need to scale.

Did you know that Shopify has millions of webshops created on their platform? It gives them unimaginable amounts of data that they use to optimize the customer experience and thus also create a higher conversion rate on the various webshops.

This is just one of many reasons. Below we go in depth with 3 other reasons, which give an insight into what size Shopify is and what the platform can offer.



1. High range of possibilities for customizing your webshop

With Shopify, you get the opportunity to customize your webshop so that it gets the features you need. This means that you can build everything from the classic webshop, where you sell products and send out daily, to the more customized webshop, where you via a kind of crowdfunding only send the item out when a certain number of customers have indicated that they want make a purchase. You can read about Cowine's webshop solution here, which is a good example of a customized webshop with crowdfunding attached.



The many options for customizing your webshop can be done, among other things, due to the many apps that Shopify has available in their app store. Here you can find common and well-known customization apps such as product reviews, loyalty programs and integrations with payroll systems. However, that's not all you can do with apps. Therefore, Shopify also has an open API, which makes it possible to create special solutions for the individual customer. We used the opportunity to make advanced automations via the API in collaboration with Cowine, which got a new Shopify solution.

Among the various apps you will find Shopify Flow, which is an automation tool. Here you can automate everything from workflows to campaigns and processes in your webshop. This gives you the opportunity to save time that you can spend elsewhere. You can, among other things, automate:

  • The buying experience - track any negative product reviews
  • Customer service - start automatic win-back flow when customers have not bought for a long time
  • Inventory - for example, automatically notified when inventory is low, risk management, order management and more.




2. Security and credibility


Security is important, especially since a webshop collects a myriad of personal and sensitive information from customers. Security is something Shopify prioritizes highly. Therefore, a TSL (Transport Layer Security) certificate is automatically installed, which protects sensitive information for customers and store owners.

Shopify also increases the level of security by continuously performing security updates and maintenance work. In addition, Shopify also gives their users the option of 2 factor authentication and automatic backup of all data from the webshop, so you can easily recover the data in the event of a security breach.

In addition, Shopify has a good technical infrastructure, which prevents your webshop from experiencing downtime, which can be a risk if your website experiences an increased number of visitors. Therefore, Shopify sites are well equipped for peak times such as Black Friday and Christmas. They have a proven uptime of 99.99% of the time, which is a huge plus!



3. Shopify Plus

First of all: What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is a fully hosted webshop platform, which is particularly suitable for larger companies. The platform was launched in 2014, where the intention was to create an alternative to Magento. It succeeded with Shopify Plus, which today helps large companies to scale further.

Is Shopify Plus better than the ‘regular’ Shopify? The answer depends on the size, goals and ambitions of the company. Shopify Plus costs 14,000 kroner a month, while Shopify costs 203 kroner a month. And therefore you naturally also get more benefits and options in the price of Shopify Plus

Where Shopify Plus does particularly well is that it can, among other things, help you create separate store layouts for your B2B customers, which your B2C customers will not have access to. You also have the option of selecting products that only selected retailers can access. In addition, you can create different price lists and manage your customers, and then it is generally a really good platform if you have ambitions that your webshop should scale further.

You can read more more about Shopify Plus' way of dealing with retailers here.

With Shopify Plus, you get access to a wide range of benefits, which include:

  • Low transaction fee (0.15%)
  • Exclusive access to resources such as:
    • Shopify Plus Facebook group
    • Partner program so you can easily access various technologies, Shopify agencies and solution partners
  • More control over your checkout
    • With Shopify Plus, you get the opportunity to define what your check out should look like. It will even be possible to personalize it for the individual customer.



Want to know more about Shopify?

At MCB, we are both a certified Shopify Partner and a Shopify Expert. This means that with our team of strong specialists you can build a platform that suits your needs. Among other things, we can help you build integrations, create a UX / UI design and customize themes that suit your identity and not least migrate your current solution to Shopify, so do not hesitate to contact us.

You can read more about MCB as a Shopify partner here.



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