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How to see the performance of your CTAs

Louise Dahl Overgaard

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Louise is one of our certified HubSpot specialists who masters inbound marketing strategies both for our customers and on MCB's own platform.

What is a CTA? It is a shortening for Call to Action which can be a button, link, or text that prompts the recipient to take a specific action. Read here how to be successful with CTAs.


Call to action (also called CTA) can appear in several ways - as buttons, links, or text. Common is that a CTA aims to get the recipient to react to a desired action. It can be to follow a button that opens a new page with important information, or a button that encourages you to contact your company by email or call.

In this blog post you can read more about how a CTA is an indispensable tool and what it takes for your CTAs to be successful on your website and among your customers.


How Can You Use a CTA?

There are many ways you can use CTAs in your marketing.

A CTA can be used as the first thing the target group sees in a Facebook or LinkedIn ad where the goal is lead collection or increased traffic to your website. Or when you have written a whitepaper that the target audience must download.

CTAs can also be used directly on your website with the message that your customers should call or send you an email. Or if you want them to continue reading on one of your other pages on the website.

That is why CTAs are a crucial tool you can use to lead potential customers in the right direction - but remember that it is still important that it is in a pleasant and natural way.


The most important thing for a CTA is that you make it as visible as possible and preferably with a text that makes the recipient want to actually click on the button or text. For example it may make you want to use the button with a text such as 'Learn more about CTAs' or 'Read more here' rather than a button with the words 'Click here'.

It is about creating visually appealing CTAs that arouse interest and make you want to click. The very best thing is actually if the recipient feels like they are missing out by not clicking on your CTA.

Now we have found that CTAs can be used in different ways. But how do you know if your CTAs are performing? HubSpot helps you find the answers to that.


Are Your CTAs Successful?

We have established that CTAs are an important tool but how do you know if your CTAs are even working as intended?

HubSpot let you know.

In HubSpot you can track performance on all your CTAs. This means that you can gain insight into everything from views and click rate to clicks and locations. It is valuable data that allows you to create a unified and better inbound experience.

You will find analyzes of your CTAs by clicking on Marketing > Lead Capture > CTAs. All your CTAs are gathered below and you can select one of them and get in-depth insight into how exactly that one performs. You get both a here and now picture but also an overview of how the CTA has performed over time.


If you use the same CTA in several places it can be very useful to see where it performs best. In HubSpot you get an overview of all pages where the CTA appears and how it performs in each place. And then you can track your success with CTAs.

With the overview in HubSpot you get a unique opportunity to adapt and adjust your CTAs after your expectations. And you get the chance to try out different things so you can learn more about what works in relation to the visual, textual, and placement of your CTAs. Perhaps you find that a word choice. or a certain color works better than others. It may also be that the actual placement of your CTA has an influence on whether it performs well or poorly.

With that written there is not much left to do but getting started working on CTAs and keep a close eye on how you can get even better!


Should We Help You?

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