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Revolutionize your content with HubSpot's new AI Content Assistant

Martin Mensbo Christiansen

Head of HubSpot

Martin is one of the few in Denmark with deep knowledge in HubSpot. He masters everything from code, marketing, automation, and data.

HubSpot has just announced the update, 'AI Content Assistant', which is powered by ChatGPT (OpenAI's GPT-3 model). This new feature will revolutionize the way businesses create content and streamline their daily workflows.


With the new function, generating ideas as well as creating and sharing content has been made significantly easier.
And for you who work in HubSpot, this can mean time saved and thus an increased efficiency in your workflows - something that is really in line with HubSpot's vision to automate as many strategies as possible.
And at the same time, you get more time to focus on shaping your thoughts and your creativity into the final content.


What is AI Content Assistant?

Nowadays, hardly a day goes by without hearing about ChatGPT. And that's why HubSpot has chosen to follow with the introduction of their AI Content Assistant. This makes it possible for you - quite easily - to make use of the underlying technology on which ChatGPT is based.

Creating high-quality content can be a time- and resource-intensive process, and not everyone is a skilled writer. Still, we know that good content is the key when you want to drive traffic and conversions.

And that's why you and your business soon will be able to generate ideas, overviews, sketches, paragraphs and even sales emails with a few simple commands. The function can thus be used for blog, landing pages, website pages, marketing email, Knowledge base, and sales email. Therefore, it is the perfect tool for companies that want to improve their content creation process and at the same time save the time and resources.

Find an introduction to AI Content Assistant below:


How does AI Content Assistant work?

AI Content Assistant will itself be able to contribute.
However, two of the most notable features are Slash commands and highlight commands.

Slash commands
When you use either the blog, website or landing pages editor in HubSpot, it is possible to enter a Slash command. It makes it possible to generate text using the AI ​​Content Assistant.


The options available for the blog editor includes generating ideas, outlines, paragraphs, and conclusions, while the options for pages includes generating page headings, page subsections, and paragraphs.

Highlight commands
Highlight commands are available in the blog, website pages, landing pages, marketing emails, and the Knowledge base editor.


With this, existing text is marked, after which a small button appears at the end of the selection, which enables you to edit in this particular selected area. With the Content Assistant, you can make use of editing options such as rewriting, expanding, summarizing and/or changing the tone of the text.

In addition to the above two features, AI Content Assistant also includes a sales email generator tool that lets you generate introductory emails and follow-up emails by simply answering some key questions about the email you want to send and the type of customer the email is targeting. You can also add extra context about the email and add the tone of the email.


The option will be available in the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension for Gmail.


Our experience with AI Content Assistant

As a Platinum HubSpot Partner, we at MCB have had a unique opportunity for a few weeks to test HubSpot's new AI Content Assistant. And the results are already impressive!

If you also want access to the function, you can join the waiting list here.

We've found that the tool will help generate ideas, outlines and paragraphs in no time, making our workflows far more efficient. The time saving is thus enormous when we automate the boring parts of writing and give ourselves more time to focus on shaping our own thoughts and creativity in the content we use. It has also meant that we can produce more content in a shorter time, which is why we can suddenly experience being ahead of tasks and have more time for reflection.

We therefore believe that the AI ​​Content Assistant will revolutionize the way companies create content in HubSpot, and we are hopeful about how the function will affect our and your work process in the future.


You should also know about ChatSpot

However, Ai Content Assistant does not come alone.

HubSpot has also launched ChatSpot, which, like the AI ​​Content Assistant, is designed to help businesses harness the power of AI and streamline daily workflows.
Therefore ChatSpot is another exciting new feature you can use when you want to maximize your productivity.

ChatSpot is a conversation-based CRM bot that Sales, Marketing and Service Hub Professionals can connect to their HubSpot to achieve everything they already do in HubSpot even faster - and maybe even better.
It takes place via AI-powered chat-based commands. For example, you can ask ChatSpot to send follow-up emails, pull reports, create new segments and much more. And that's why it's a valuable addition for any company that wants to streamline workflows and maximize productivity.

HubSpot's new AI tools, AI Content Assistant and ChatSpot, are thus revolutionary for HubSpot users.
AI Content assistant is a powerful tool for you who want to improve the content creation process, while ChatSpot is for sales, marketing and service professionals who want to maximize productivity.
And together, the two functions will increase growth.


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