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Q4 - 5 new functions in .Cloud

Nicolai Hesselholdt

Tracking & Google Ads Specialist

Nicolai has several years of experience with Google Ads, and every day he helps our customers succeed with the popular platform.

Let us tell you something you might not know.
At MCB, we are experienced in both Magento, Umbraco, HubSpot and Shopify (you probably already know that) - but there is one more system in which we are not just good, we are the best IN THE WORLD. And with good reason.

Since 1999, MCB has delivered the market's best, cloud-based e-commerce and web solutions as well as online marketing. Today, we are not just a supplier. We are a close business partner who dare to challenge our customers' strategies so that we together can realize online potential.

And this applies on a wide range of platforms, in the systems you use and with the integrations that make your everyday life more efficient.

Let's get to it - our own CMS system for both B2B and B2C sites as well as education.


If you don't use .Cloud, you can still benefit greatly from the last two functions in this article, which, regardless of the CMS you use, can help increase your revenue while you save advertising costs.


What is MCB .Cloud?

MCB .Cloud is a Danish CMS that has been developed for B2C and B2B companies that want to work seriously and professionally. It is your opportunity to digitize your business and thus experience more conversions, an increased bottom line and a more streamlined customer service. Everything is based on years of experience in both strategy, design, integration, setup and launch. Therefore, you are guaranteed a platform built on the latest trends and with the features that the modern consumer demands.

With .Cloud you get one unified and integrated platform for both desktop and mobile with great user-friendliness, high security and fast speeds. As the owner of a webshop or a website, you get the freedom to shape the expression yourself across devices with e.g. flexible drag and drop templates and a high performance score in Google Page Speed.


A professional tool for e-commerce

Great demands are placed on e-commerce and thus also the management of goods, storage, finances and much more. Therefore, with .Cloud you will be able to integrate with the most used and in-demand systems, payment gateways, payment options and tools on the market. These can be, for example, systems such as; Post Danmark, GLS, Webshipper, Google Analytics, ActiveCampaign, Raptor, Facebook, Quickpay, Bambora, Klarna, Dankort, MobilePay, Viabill, Paypall and many more.

In addition to synchronizations and integrations, omnichannel capabilities are highly valued in .Cloud. Therefore, you will also be able to offer your customers 'Click & Collect' as well as you get full support for a number of POS systems such as DdD-Retail and EasyPOS and ERP systems such as MS Dynamics NAV, MS Dynamics 365 Business Central, MS Dynamics C5, Uniconta, Visma.NET and e-conomic with expansion for the PIM system, Plytix PIM.

In .Cloud, you will also experience a variant management that makes your product feed manageable, a simple editor experience regarding the development, maintenance and launch of content, a back-end that support and improve your technical marketing measures, an integration with marketing automation systems and an optimized, easy and fast checkout flow. But that's not all. .Cloud also means an advanced search and filtering, a focus on price management, the possibility of split testing, a feed framework with the market's best data feed optimization and management software and a customer club that lets you gather your loyal customers.


A strong B2B platform

A B2B shop should be simple, easy and time-saving. You should then choose a system that streamlines your professional commerce between you and your customers, and you should make demands on the functions you meet your customers with - both in terms of goods, stock and finances.

With MCB .Cloud, you will be able to use a customer login that offers personalized prices, discounts and products, a quick order and re-order of new items and much, much more. And with a B2B customer portal with a focus on self-service, you can let your customers shop on their own terms - this increases your customer retention as well as reducing the need for costly resources used in your customer service.

In the B2B customer portal, behind each login you will find a personal shopping experience with the prices, discounts, products and other things that apply to the individual business customer.


.Cloud is many things - here are the 5 newest

At .Cloud the customer's opinion is highly valued. That's why at MCB we listen to the wishes and improvement opportunities our customers have, we let them vote on the development initiatives they want, and we put them in a roadmap and launch them on an ongoing basis. Every month something new is launched - from completely new functions to small features that improve the experience with .Cloud.

And here in Q4 there are 5 measures in particular that we would like to highlight.

  • Adding the payment option, Apple Pay
  • Adding reCAPTCHA v3
  • The option to give quantity discount across variants

And then there are the last two releases - two free tools that increase your revenue while you save on advertising costs. However, these are not only an advantage at a .Cloud shop, they should be integrated regardless of the CMS. It can, for example, be Umbraco, Magento or Shopify:

  • Using Google Ads customer reviews
  • Using PriceRunner customer reviews

Let's take a closer look at the 5 launches.

Adding the payment option, Apple Pay

Some believe that Apple Pay is the future. And we have no doubt that it is! How often have you felt naked without your smartphone? And haven't you felt confused when you frantically searched for your smartphone in pockets and bags?

Our smartphone is today a part of us. From here we make everyday life work and connect - which is why we also must be able to pay via our smartphone. And it is possible with an iPhone from Apple as well as other Apple devices.

With Apple Pay, you can replace your physical cards and cash with your very own, private payment method. This can be, for example, via your iPhone or your Apple Watch. Therefore, you get a more accessible and thus also easier and more safe way to pay, regardless of whether you are in a physical store or you shop on the internet.

Apple Pay has built-in anonymity and security, works on millions of apps and websites, and you can easily get started. Simply set up Apple Pay on your Apple device by adding your credit card to the Wallet app - and you're good to go.

At MCB, we are now also ready to set up shops built in .Cloud for Apple Pay.

The payment option will only be available when a user goes to checkout on a device that supports Apple Pay. If this is not the case, the Apple Pay field will not be visible. This means that the customer is always presented with the available payment options, which ensures a checkout that is easy to deal with.

Apple Pay joins a long line of payment options on .Cloud. Here is some:

  • Dankort
  • International cards (which international cards an agreement covers depends on the cards chosen by the acquirer when applying)
  • ViaBill
  • MobilePay
  • Vipps
  • PayPal
  • Klarna
  • Bank transfer
  • Account payment
  • And now also Apple Pay

Adding reCAPTCHA v3

The internet is full of scams and fraudsters, and you should therefore securing yourself personally, but also your site or your shop, to suddenly end up in a resource-intensive process where you have to clean up a mess caused by others. And that is precisely why it is advantageous to make use of CAPTCHA.

This is an automatic anti-hacker and digitization system that is used when we have to distinguish between humans and machines - or robots, if you will, that are trying to use an internet service. You have probably been introduced to the system before via some garbled words or numbers that you have to read and enter. These can only be read by humans, which keeps the machines out.

Especially when logging in to websites, reCAPTCHA is a well-known method to use.

And to be able to provide the best security to our customers, MCB can now reveal that reCAPTCHA v3 can be used on the .Cloud platform.

reCAPTCHA v3 is the latest security measure introduced by Google. It makes sure to add protection to e.g. forms, newsletter subscriptions and other places that send data between systems. It seems completely invisibly and without the user being forced to click checkboxes, match images or read curly texts to confirm that he/she is human.

The feature works immediately after setup with API and Secret Key (v3) and the only visible proof on your .Cloud site or shop will be a small icon that appears at the bottom of pages.

The option to give quantity discount across variants

When you run an online shop, it is important to always give customers and potential customers the best experience. This ensures a high level of satisfaction, which naturally also leads to more loyal customers.

And a good experience online is often linked to the ease of use and to being able to find exactly what you are looking for - quickly and easily. Therefore, it is now possible at MCB .Cloud to give quantity discounts across several variants.

Quantity discounts across variants have not previously been an option in .Cloud, but the need has been perceptible, and a workaround with a quantity discount has now been developed. This means that you in your .Cloud shop now will be able create percentage discounts across your variants - either on individual products or on entire product groups.

This function is part of a massive variant management, which includes sizes and colors and more advanced sorting. And you are not limited. In .Cloud you can simply select variants on or off and combine those that make the most sense for your webshop.

Some of the most popular variants in .Cloud include:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Model
  • Brand

And as some of the more advanced can be mentioned:

  • Packing
  • Material
  • And now also quantity discounts across variants

Using Google Ads customer reviews

Customer reviews are used by Google Ads when you, as an advertiser, want to highlight good reviews. And overall, these can result in increased ad effectiveness as well as more qualified leads. Numbers from Google itself say that the CTR (click-through rate) on text ads will increase by as much as 10% if the ad contains 'seller reviews'.

As a starting point, the reviews appear in text ads and shopping ads - and this is without the need to be a shopping advertiser or have a Google Merchant Center account. You can therefore get started completely free of charge.

Google Ads customer reviews are displayed as an average of ratings, number of stars and total number of ratings.

And luckily, collecting reviews for your shop is simple.

Google Ads offers a free tool for you to use. This is a pop-up that appears on your receipt page. Here, customers can then say 'yes' to receiving a notification email 5 days after the order has been completed. The email is sent automatically. In the email, the customer gives his rating, which will immediately become part of your ratings.

As a bonus, all shops using this feature also get access to certain product reviews from competitors in their Google Shopping ads. It doesn't sound smart at first - but hang in there! You are not showing off your competitors. Instead, all product reviews from all the shops that offer the specific item are added together, and you will then have the option to show the total number of reviews on your shop.

You then do not need to collect hundreds of reviews to get a good score, you can 'borrow' from other shops.

Using PriceRunner customer reviews

The principle of PriceRunner customer reviews is the same as with Google Ads customer reviews. It is a decisive factor that the customer feels safe and secure in your online store when you want to experience a high conversion rate and increased satisfaction with your service - and you can create that through positive reviews on the web.

PriceRunner's reviews are verified, which means that not only do you know that it is customers who rate your shop, you also get a continuous stream of new reviews. Therefore, it is a dynamic setup.

All you have to do is insert a PriceRunner button on your receipt page and in your order confirmation email. When your customer clicks on the button, a form will open up asking the customer to review their experience with your shop. It's quite easy and intuitive for both you and your customers, which is why it's a quick little feature to add.

PriceRunner handles everything from sending mail, summarizing scores and publishing reviews. And of course you can respond to these reviews, so you can give your customers a good and valid experience afterwards. It is always a good idea to take the time to respond to the reviews.

And with PriceRunner customer reviews there is of course also a bonus.

If you collect 5x reviews at PriceRunner, you save DKK 0.50 on the click price from their service.


Should we talk about .Cloud?

If you are lucky enough to have a shop or a site on .Cloud, contact us to hear more about your options with both the functions mentioned, but also general optimization of your website.

If you don't use .Cloud, let's have a chat and find out if this CMS might be the right match for you.

We are honest - if we see greater potential for you in other systems, we will of course advise on this.


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