That's why Umbraco Forms is smart

At a time when there is a focus on data and the collection of it, it is crucial that you are able to collect the data you need to create results in your business. And Umbraco will help you with that. With Umbraco Forms, you can easily create all the types of forms you need to gather the relevant data you need.

Nothing is more important than data

When you are in the process of building or improving your website, we dare say that there is actually nothing more important than data. This is the entire data base for your knowledge of your users, and what can help you improve your platform - and it is probably the most straight forward path to the online success that many of us dream of.

However, it is not enough to collect loads of data. It must be used too!

And that's exactly why Umbraco Forms will be your new favorite tool in your Umbraco CMS. With Umbraco Forms you can create as advanced workflows as you need, among other things. for sending emails, updating web services and storing in your CMS system.

Umbraco Forms is an Umbraco add-on that gives you an easy opportunity to build contact forms, registration forms, customer forms, questionnaires and the like. You can use both a simple form or a multi-step form. And they can all be integrated with 3rd party systems.

And those were just a few of your options with Umbraco Forms. There are more here:


Hassle-free data collection

Once your visitors have done as desired and filled out your form, you can easily and quickly browse and search the collected data. This is done using a built-in reporting tool, which is clear and intuitive to use. However, you can also download the various data and therefore work with a more advanced treatment in eg Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets. It gives you full control over your data layer, which you can subsequently use, as it makes the best sense for you, among other things. in relation to improving your website.


What does Umbraco Forms cost?

You can install Umbraco Forms directly from the Umbraco back office or at Our.Umbraco. The price is 169 € + an additional price for each domain you have at your disposal. But instead of paying for forms, you can actually just use Umbraco Cloud and get the app included for free. Try Umbraco Cloud for 14 days and see how it all works.


How to get started with Umbraco Forms

Whatever you want to ask your users about, it is possible with Umbraco Forms. You can get all the answers you need. It's whatever you are looking for simple 'yes' or 'no' answers, or you want a more detailed insight. And it does not take you more than 15 minutes to create an Umbraco Form.

All you have to do is design your form so that it visually matches your website. With Umbraco Forms, you get full control over the design selection. You just choose the different input types, validation rules and even conditions you want - and then you are in the process of designing your form on an intuitive user interface. You also decide where the collected data should end up, what it should be used for, and you can even connect your forms with any function in your CMS.

If you need more, you can easily invest in extensions that suit your needs - in line with the rest of Umbraco's DNA.

Creating Responsive Forms in Umbraco is as easy as editing any other content in the CMS system. It is therefore a hassle-free experience of being an editor. And it even saves you a lot of time.

Umbraco Forms integrates easily into your website, giving you ample opportunity to hold on to your visitors. It all happens via an API, which you can expand further, so that your developers can also work with the product at the code level. This is relevant, for example, if your forms need to be integrated with third-party services such as HubSpot or Campaign Monitor.


Have you seen our Umbraco Academy?

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Annemette Rosenkilde Lucas

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