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That's why Umbraco provides the best editor and developer experience

Bjarne Fyrstenborg


With the title as MVP in Umbraco, Bjarne is certainly a specialist in the system. He has many years of experience in Umbraco, and he always manages to crack the otherwise most complicated solutions.

Umbraco is a user-friendly and adaptable system that makes it easy for you to work with - whether you are an editor or a developer. The potential of the system is huge, but how do you make sure you get the most out of the system? Here you will find some of the Umbraco features that you will not want to miss.

You may already know this, but Umbraco is popular with many editors and developers - and with good reason. It is a platform that can accommodate everyone.

So whether you are an experienced developer, who prefers to express himself in complicated codes, or you have no experience with anything other than the text and graphics - then you will be able to quickly, easily and cheaply get your website up and running with Umbraco.


Umbraco makes life easier for you

Umbraco is a perfect content management system that can be customized to your needs. The system can therefore be used for both small and large sites. However, Umbraco differs from so many other systems in that the system's great flexibility and skilled adaptability make it possible to handle larger and more complex solutions with campaigns and applications.

In many ways, Umbraco is the big brother to many of the systems you may know and have worked in before. And with Umbraco CMS, Content Management has never been easier. Here you get all the knowledge about Umbraco's features you need to get the most out of the system:


More editors - more options

The system allows anyone in a company to build new landing pages as well as create and edit content. So you do not have to be limited to one developer and user of the system. Then finally invite more people on board the projects, so that you can work together to get your Umbraco site up and running.


Umbraco is your friend in need

With Umbraco you can easily write content such as blog posts, set it up nicely and even plan the release so that it happens when it suits you. And you can actually set other users to approve your content before it is published. All this you can do completely without worrying about getting lost along the way. For the system saves all previous versions of your work. The same applies if you delete a page, for example.


Umbraco's media bank creates structure for you

With Umbraco's media bank, you can store all your photos and documents and easily find them when you need them. And if you update one image in one place, for example, the change will take effect in all the places where the image is used - it's schism smart, convenient and easy!


Umbraco can help you across borders

Umbraco CMS easily handles multiple language versions. With just a few clicks, you can copy the entire basic structure to other language layers, saving you a lot of work. You only have to focus on the actual translation of the textual content, while the design and layout remain part of the basic structure. With Umbraco CMS, you can therefore have a strong visual identity across national borders.


Preview function increases the quality and customization of the content

As a user of Umbraco CMS, you have the opportunity to get a preview of your content before it is published - also on the various devices. This means that you can always ensure that your users are greeted by a professional expression and a good experience, regardless of whether they access your website via mobile, tablet or desktop.


Schedule function makes scheduling easy for you

Umbraco offers an easy and intuitive schedule function. It is smart if, for example, the editor does not have the opportunity to launch new content now and here, or it is purely marketing-wise better to launch at another time. You can therefore easily launch new content over the weekend, during the holidays or well into the future, so you can plan your efforts well in advance. It gives you a good overview of all your campaigns and an opportunity to always be at the forefront.

There seems to be no doubt ...

Umbraco CMS is incredibly user-friendly, and once you exploit its potential, the many options can be allowed to see the light of day. You get an intuitive and logical user interface. The system is easy to find your way around, as it is based on a number of content components that you can use to make the user experience on each page completely unique. You can custom design each page as it suits you and thus streamline your identity across the entire palette.


A platform with a strong network for you

Umbraco is a Danish-developed Open Source Content Management System (CMS), built on Microsoft's .NET Framework, which is free to download. The system is developed in the programming language C # and therefore contains both frameworks and applications that are executed via the platform, Microsoft Windows.

The CMS system is therefore, as something completely central, strongly supported by an active network of developers all over the world as well as a commercial organization that provides professional support. With that said, it is a platform that is constantly evolving and therefore your contribution counts as well.

And best of all - this means that there are no expensive licenses, because you as a user use an Open Source MIT License.

As a developer and designer, you need several different parameters on one platform. It is essential that there are integrations with other business systems. The APIs must be easy to use via a developer access. There must be a design freedom that does not limit you in your dreams. These are parameters that Umbraco actually lives up to. With Umbraco CMS, you are never locked into your front-end development - on the contrary, you can always unfold.

You can therefore do exactly what you want with the free MIT license. You can also choose to make use of additional products, which, however, require you to shell out - at reasonable prices. There are additional products such as Umbraco Forms, Curier and Umbraco TV.

And then it is possible to manage multiple websites on the same solution. You just create your subsites with different rights setups - and off you go.


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