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Umbraco Codegarden 2021

Bjarne Fyrstenborg


With the title as MVP in Umbraco, Bjarne is certainly a specialist in the system. He has many years of experience in Umbraco, and he always manages to crack the otherwise most complicated solutions.

Every year, Umbraco holds the Codegarden, which is the largest and only official Umbraco conference in the world, spanning a full 3 days. We have collected the 4 most important key take aways from this year's event, which this year took place virtually and with over 2000 participants.

Codegarden is a unique event where, among other things. is about sharing knowledge, and therefore as a participant you not only get an exciting insight into what is happening at Umbraco, you are also presented with different perspectives in a wide range of different areas.

With that said, Umbraco's Codegarden is especially for agencies and companies that choose to send their skilled developers out to share knowledge and add to their competencies within Umbraco, but it's also for marketers and content editors who deal with the system on a daily basis and who would like to help build a community within Umbraco.

Precisely networking is an important element under Codegarden. Therefore, user involvement is always an item on the agenda, which is why there is a dialogue about everything from Umbraco, CMS and Cloud to Community, Partnership and industry.

And of course, MCB participated in this year's virtual Codegarden. We always make sure to stay up to date on the systems we know that can give you online success.

Our talented developer, Bjarne, participated. And like the last 4 years, he came back as MVPs.


Let us introduce you to Bjarne


Bjarne was named MVPs at Umbraco for this year's Codegarden for the 5th year in a row.

MVP stands for ‘Most Valued People’. And today, the group comprises just over 60 unique people from around the world who manage to take Umbraco a step further and contribute to an embrace of the open source system.

That is why you are guaranteed the best service at MCB. We are your security for a functional solution that can solve even the most complex needs.


4 key take aways from Codegarden 2021

But what did we get out of participating in Codegarden 2021? Of course we would like to share this with you, and therefore we have gathered the 4 most important points from the event:


1. Umbraco 9 is on the stairs. This is the next major release from Umbraco, which focuses on Microsoft's latest technology and thus a shift from the .NET Framework to the .NET Core. Therefore, it is built on a technology that is not only relevant now, but which is also future-proof. .NET Core has several advantages, including ensures better performance in terms of speed and security on a site.

For Codegarden, the focus was especially on the technical part of the migration to Umbraco 9 and thus the changes that take place at the code level.


2. Umbraco CMS will offer a more complete solution. Developers have so far been able to expand Umbraco Backoffice and in this way improve their own editorial experience, for example with specially developed data types or dashboards (he / she can still do this). However, that technology is now obsolete, and therefore Umbraco is working towards updating the option in future Umbraco versions.

This is done primarily through some components that Umbraco has built. Developers can make use of them to get a more streamlined editing experience.

A site will therefore look much more professional, because a uniform and neat expression is ensured throughout.


3. Expansion of Umbraco with e-commerce. Umbraco is not an e-commerce platform and that means several restrictions. However, this is a problem that can now be solved with various packages such as Vendr and UCommerce, which just makes it possible to build a webshop in Umbraco.

Vendr has just been named the best package for expanding Umbraco, as it makes it both simple and flexible to integrate e-commerce into Umbraco. This applies, for example, in relation to payment providers and integration with other systems. And then Vendr is also well documented.

Umbraco has therefore become an even bigger player in the market.


4. Umbraco is working towards a Marketplace. It should be a place where you will find a comprehensive overview of Premium apps and Community packages that can be easily and quickly downloaded into Umbraco's back-end. There will immediately be packages / plug-ins that improve the editorial experience in Backoffice, but also extensions to Umbraco, among others. to the e-commerce section

They will be continuously developed, so that it is ensured that you are always presented with the best offer and thus the options with the most functions.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


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